Every so often I'll post a Chirbit Idea on Twitter.

Here is a collection of the 13 I've posted so far. If you have a cool Chirbit Idea send it in! or share it on twitter with the #chirbit hashtag.

  1. Tell a joke like @smouty66

  2. You can record a chribit straight from your browser using a mic or a webcam for up to 2 minutes

  3. Audacity is your friend - http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ - free open source recording and editing app

  4. Post your favorite movie quote and share it! "We are the music makers, the dreamers of the dreams"

  5. Take some weight off of your shoulders. Apologize to someone

  6. Read a poem to someone - T. S. Eliot's - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

  7. How do you pronounce that? If you know another language or a hard to pronounce word. Share it.

  8. Click the little gear icon to access additional tools. Edit, reply to, delete a chirbit or get a short URL.

  9. Show off your awesome voice like Bryan Cox @coxtox

  10. You can search for chirbits by keyword, description and category then share them easily on twitter with our short URLs

  11. To see how others are sharing audio on twitter with chirbit search twitter with keyword 'chirb.it' (our short URL)

  12. What is your favorite quote or saying? Record it and share it.

  13. If you want to use a high quality USB mic with chirbit, right click on the recorder to change your input device.