Snapvine is no longer. So where can you go to record audio messages to share on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz and pretty much anywhere online? Look no further than chirbit!

Here are just some of the features that chirbit offers!

  • Record audio straight from your browser using a webcam or microphone.
  • Upload existing audio files in wav, mp3, m4a or amr formats!
  • Upload to your chirbit account using a smart phone with a built in voice memo recorder.
  • Geotag your audio posts to let others know where you recorded them! (optional)
  • Categorize your chirbits into fun categories like "Joke", "Rave", or "My 2 cents"
  • Leave private audio messages to your friends.
  • Share your chirbits easily on Twitter, Facebook or Google Buzz with one click!

Feel free to contact me directly if there is any feature that you need or would like to see on chirbit and I will do my best to implement it!

I hope to inspire the users of chirbit to this kind of love, support and dedication!