It's the middle of summer and things are heating up at Chirbit!
I've been working on some graphic clean ups, but the big updates have been in the plugin department.

Chirbit Wordpress Plugin

Last month I released the Wordpress Chirbit Plugin. It enables you to embed your chirbit post easily on your Wordpress blog/site. To embed a chirbit post in your blog all you need is the plugin and the short URL for your chirbit.

[ chirbit: ]

If you use it please send feedback and feature suggestions for the next version!
You can download the plugin here.

Chirbit BBCode Plugin

Rick Strife created a BBCode plugin for embeding your chirbit posts easily in a Bulletin Board that is BBCode enhanced.

To embed a chirbit in a bulletin board post all you have to do is use Rick's plugin, your chirbit short URL and the simple BBCode.

Bulletin Board Code as you may know is a way to enhance posts without using HTML.

Here are a few links about BBCode:

Chirbit OpenVBX Plugin

Mr. Andrew Watson of OtherNumber created the Chirbit plugin for Twilio's OpenVBX platform.

It enables you to post to chirbit from your OpenVBX system.

You can download the Chirbit OpenVBX plugin here: