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I am the music minister and a teaching elder with my independent, home education friendly, full Gospel church.

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Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice explores basic tenets of the Christian faith. The Body of Christ is worldwide, & tho' we may express our devotion to the Lord & faith differently, it is important that the beliefs & understandings be clear & the same.

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  Back to Basics, 1-The State of Man Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 4 October 2015 

cbf  6 years ago Chirbit
hold back judgment cup of wrath wrath grace punish punishment holy holiness perfect perfection choose choice life live reflection God Father just unjust classroom love guide correct punish mercy love

  Back to Basics, 3-The Nature of God, or I AM Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 1 November 2015 

cbf  6 years ago Chirbit
truth wisdom knowledge Solomon vanity learn God Jehovah meaning meaningless prod admonish study nature nature of God earth eternity judge judgment compare challenge grow explain fool foolishness Lord infinity mercy wise help foundation strong strength heart judge justice good definitions character order godlike power ordain Psalm Romans general grace Matthew specific grace common deserves rights spurn hate hatred image image of God standard holy holiness perform performance legal legalism the Law salvation gift sin relate wrath new creature lapse

  Back to Basics, 5-Understanding the Spirit Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 7 February 2016 

cbf  5 years ago Chirbit
mortal Holy holy spirit Holy Ghost New Testament Old Testament Bible goal purpose sin Comforter comfort God Lord Jesus triune God desires heart body soul spirit life death possible possibility flesh die deed deeds sons of God bondage fear adoption Abba Father unction doubt eternity save salvation body dwell within reprobate homosexuality wicked envy murder judgment disobedience pleasure mind carnall carnality connect world read memorize relationship power fasting tithe tithing fast Christ christos anoint anointing oil chosen Messiah talk with God be still...

  Back to Basics, 6-What Is The Gospel? Joshua Justice 21 February 2016 

cbf  5 years ago Chirbit
Roman road to salvation save salvation nature of man sin death God Lord Jesus raised dead grace cross name of the Lord Christ flesh spirit condemn condemnation saved Gospel live love gift eternal heaven hell peace burden slave the Law 10 Commandments new new creature Holy Spirit reconcile reconciliation debt paid redeem redeemed the Word ministry good news challenge challenging mercy mercies new every morning compassion Scripture serve follow truth the way the truth and the life walk walk in the Spirit reveal revelation heart mind soul praise worship gratefulness mission light

  Back to Basics, 4 - The Meaning of Grace Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 17 January 2016 

cbf  5 years ago Sermon
grace questions crowbar debate discussion meaning definitions conversation convince lead guide love Bible Father Jesus define terms common sense understand realize heart mercy task capable God Lord purpose faith works evidence legal legalism deserve deserving praise idolatry save salvation law

  Back to Basics, 2 - The Purpose of the Law Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice 14 August 2016 

cbf  5 years ago Chirbit
10 Commandments good evil God authority Word Bible Jeremiah John law covenant logic scripture define definition opinion priests kings life love fear Lord Old Testament statute do follow write read New Testament Father Son Jesus reign brother grafted Christ royalty origin will promises obey disobey consequence blessing curse sin sinful complete punish punishment Romans veneer pride self-righteous vainglory